NYCStayConnected is a family structured company designed to help keep society connected using todays technology. Our team of highly trained professionals are deployed day to day, assisting you with program installation, device set ups and operating, basic computer(i.e: email setup, secure web surfing, skype, facebook and much more).

Our team even provides 24 hour virtual assistance worldwide along with virtual operations training lessons. Our services are based on a (1:1) one to one ratio, allowing all customers the full and undivided attention to ensure their comprehension of procedures and directions for whatever the task at hand. NYCStayConnected has formatted a way that allows all customers of our service an opportunity to be assisted any time of day without the need to await a technician regardless of the time or location. We assist with the setting up and installation of devices such as apple products, Android tablets/phones, printers, PC desktops/Laptops, Mac desktops/Laptops, gaming consoles, DVR, and other electronic devices. We also provide virtual group lessons teaching people how to operate programs such as (microsoft office, Skype, E-mail, and Social Media). The beauty of learning todays world without leaving your home

We are the city in simplicity